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Welcome to inLife and to my personal business website! inLife offers one of the most amazing alternative products on the market today. Our inForce Immune Builder and Immune Builder Platinum products is a biproduct of the Coriolus Mushroom. Coriolus Versicolor, PSP & PSK are the most widely researched immune building supplements in the world today with over 400 studies to back it up. In addition, there have been over a dozen, placebo based, human trials conducted in the west. Coriolus Versicolor PSP & PSK have been studied very closely by MD Anderson Institute of the University of Texas, Loma Linda University, Sloan Kettering Center of New York, Beth Israel Deaconess (a teaching school of Harvard University) and Bastyr University relative to their immune boosting capabilities. inLife is proud to bring our ground breaking inForce product line to the market it place. inForce is driven by an exciting compensation plan with tremendous earning potential in the unlimited direct selling industry!

inLife is a customer acquisition company with a mission to introduce our products to as many individuals as possible. Our mission is to bring products to the market place that are not only remarkable, but offer value and meaning to one's life. Our products are intended to allow our customers to enjoy life to the fullest.

If you are interested in purchasing product, click the “Shop Now” button above. If you are interested in starting your own inLife distributorship and joining our team as an Independent Distributor, then click “Join Now!” If you would like to learn more about inForce, click the “Products” link above for more detailed information.

I look forward to working with you as we reach our personal and financial goals together.


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